Batukaras wave

今回ももちろんGOOD WAVE。レギュラーの優しい波が割れてます。旅の後半でサイズアップした時は、岬の向こうからローカルがチューブはいったりも見れました。

Of course, the waves were good this time too. The regular gentle waves were breaking. When the size increased in the second half of the trip, I could see locals tubing from the other side of the cape.


Since I was staying at Java Cove Beach Hotel right in front of the point, I had no choice but to get the first wave of the morning. I got the first wave of the day twice this time. I entered the water at 5:10 and it was still dark. I guess it will start to get light around 5:30.


Sometimes it’s actually quieter around second in the morning than first thing in the morning.


You can see it from the hotel like this, so you can go in any time. It’s also great for relaxing


Everyone was enjoying the waves.


A paradise for regular footers.


I also recommend joining a local surf school. It’s good for beginners and intermediate surfers alike. You can ride a lot just by being taught by a local who knows the waves, and it can be hard to get used to the waves on a short trip. By the time you get used to it, you’ll usually be back home.


The two participants caught a lot of waves and returned very satisfied.


There are other spots by motorbike. There are also spots for people who want to do big waves. I went to several spots with a local guide and surfed. There were also fun spots for mid-length and short boards.


There may still be unexplored surf spots that have yet to be explored. I checked out 8 surf spots on this trip and surfed at 6 spots. Thank you to my local friend who guided me.

いつもKIAORA BLOGをご覧頂きありがとうございます。今日もいい波いい小波さがしてま〜す。皆さんにいい波が当たりますように!


Thank you for watching